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Terra Collection - now available and your purchase of the pants qualifies for the bike giveaway*!

The White Terra MTB pants have the same cut as our normal MTB pants and are perfect for use as downhill or dirt jump pants. Adjustable fasteners on the waistband (2x on the side) and two pockets for your mobile phone or lift ticket. Perfect for the bike, skate or dirt park! Get ready to Stunt It!

+ the Terra design was penned by Lukas!


✔️ improved, even more robust material!

✔️ Waist adjustable by up to 5cm with a ratchet

✔️ washable at 30 degrees / very good cleaning of dirt

(Of course, you can't get every stubborn dirt stain out of white trousers. These are considered a style item and to be on the safe side, you should probably ride them in the dry!)

✔️ new reflective print to be seen in traffic

✔️ Protectors fit easily under pants!

✔️ adjustable Velcro fasteners on the waistband for the perfect fit

✔️ Zippered pockets (both sides)

✔️ Motion logo below the pockets (both sides)

✔️ internal grip tape on the waistband offers protection against slipping

✔️ elastic stretch material


Lukas wears a 34 (50) and is 1.90m tall.

Determine the size of your pants (measure your hip circumference and your leg length):

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* Any purchase of items from the New Terra Collection will be entered into a prize draw for two Rose The Bruce Terra bikes. Other items from the shop are excluded from the competition! Not winning one of the bikes is not a reason for cancellation of the purchase!

This is how the bike giveaway works:

Step 1: Buy something from the new Terra Collection!

Step 2: Get stuff and have fun with it.

Step 3: In 2-4 weeks we will draw the two lucky winners from all buyers, contact you and Rose Bikes will deliver the bikes!

Purchases other than TERRA qualify for the giveaway

Unfortunately no, only the Terra Collection counts.
Is there a minimum order value

No, even the purchase of a pair of gloves qualifies.
May I exchange my items if they don't fit

Yes of course. But assuming the collection is sold out, then participation in the giveaway expires when your purchase price is refunded.
Things come back like this once you're sold out

Unfortunately not. The collection is limited and will not come again. We want to create something special for the collectors among you.
Will the Rose wheels be available in a regular Terra look?

Also negative, there will only be 4 bikes in this look in the whole world. Mine, the one from the Instagram giveaway and these two!
Why does the draw take up to 4 weeks

This is due to the delivery times of the individual attachments. A lot is already there, but a few little things are still missing.

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