Old School MTB Trick Challenge

We're doing the Oldschool MTB Trick Challenge! NoFoot CanCan, NoFoot, Invert Tabletop, Toboggan, X-Up, Cannonball, Superman and many more belonged to the 'non-plus-ultra' of the bag of tricks at that time. Unfortunately, these tricks aren't done that often anymore, but they were considered good manners about 13 years ago, when I started mountain biking, and I learned a few of them, long before barspin, tailwhip and the like. It doesn't matter whether it's Paul Basagoitia, Cam McCaul, John Cowan, Kyle Strait, Cam Zink or Darren Berrecloth, the legends before us have shaped the sport and, for example in New World Disorder, pushed limits without which today's tricks would not have been possible. (and that on 15 kilo bikes!!!) We bring them back in this video. Thanks to everyone who asked for this challenge on Instagram, it was great fun! I have already explained some of these tricks, check out this video:https://youtu.be/2CELN8ceP7c